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My suicide cleanup business offers Claremont residents and businesses a blood cleanup service for much less than my suicide cleanup competitors. My competitors often pay a percentage of their income to county coroner employees. Over a decade ago, county employees learned that they have a monopoly over Claremont's suicide cleanup as well as other types of blood cleanup services.

Only a tiny number of officers profit from this type of cronyism. But, they do share in the overall suicide cleanup monopoly. No one appears to have questioned their ethics or conflict of interest. No one cared to ask what this meant for suicide victims' families. As a result of this county employee fraud against Claremont homicide and suicide victims throughout Claremont, millions of taxpayer dollars have gone to these cronies employees in county uniforms.

I do a suicide cleanup for less than $999.00 most of the time. You need to call around for the best price, best service, and guarantees on price and work. I have over 18 years of experience doing traumatic blood cleanup for suicides, and I typically bid lower than competitors.

Call me Eddie Evans. I offer suicide cleanup services for much less than other Claremont suicide cleanup companies. suicide cleanup companies are also known as biohazard cleanup companies, and as crime scene cleanup companies. suicide cleanup companies, like crime scene cleanup companies, more often than not, have crony relationships with coroner employees. Coroner employees, I learned, have a monopoly over suicide cleanup businesses because they have direct contact with suicide victims' families first, they often receive the suicide cleanup work.

Our county employees' monopoly over Claremont's suicide cleanup goes back over 15 years and longer. Only a tiny number of county employees take part in this monopoly. It could not be otherwise. Claremont unatended death cleanup has the same services.

In any case, it is not a good idea to seek a suicide cleanup company not connected to coroner employees. Never accept their recommendations because they get a kickback or own the company. Plus, it's against the law for county employees to profit from their county employment.

I keep my telephone handy 24 hours a day seven days a week. So feel free to call at any hour and a day. Even if you do not intend to use my services, you're welcome to call for information. I do not know everything there is to know about suicide cleanup, but I do know a lot. I've been doing blood cleanup for over 17 years. So I can help some people some of the time. I cleaned up and down the state of California from Redding to San Diego County. I cleaned in 24 states, including Washington D.C. In Washington D.C., I did a homicide cleanup. A lady murdered her four daughters with a kitchen knife. She smoked craked as a hobby and lost her mind. The send floor needed removal as did most of one wall. It took a week of hard blood cleanup work. Fingerprint dust polluted the entire two floors. Blood and death odors permiated every bit of clothing, furniture, wood, and more. So I've cleaned in a lot of places. I hope to clean in Claremont soon.

My Prices for Claremont

What I quote below applies to local Claremont suicide cleanup work. For long drives, I ask more to cover my costs.

My prices are the lowest for Claremont suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and biohazard cleanup in general. When you call me, expect a quote for less than $1,000. You will know my fixed, guaranteed price before work begins. You will have an email with my guarantee for Claremont suicide cleanup cost and labor.

At times I will have a low price and a high price; the high price will be called "a not to exceed price." On those occasions that I am uncertain about the price to be charged, I may wish to see the suicide cleanup work to be performed before quoting a price. As of late, this becomes my policy for Claremont shotgun suicide cleanup. Also, high-caliber weapons sometimes require that I see the death scene before quoting a price for cleaning the blood.

If I must travel for hours, I will often ask for anywhere from $50 to 400 or even $500 for the travel time. It's hard to say without learning more about the suicide cleanup to be performed. Let me give an example of how this might work: some time ago I did a suicide cleanup on top of a New Mexico mountain. The home was isolated, without electricity or running water, and the suicide cleanup was to occur during a blizzard.

I gave a quoted guarantee price for the suicide cleanup itself. Do this, and I added travel expenses because of wear-and-tear on my vehicle as well as my time. Honestly, though, when it comes to any type of biohazard cleanup, I'm more concerned with vehicle wear-and-tear than my time.

My Claremont suicide cleanup fee is an "flat fee" charge. This means that the fee I charge includes all cleaning supplies, which includes cleaning solutions, cleaning equipment, any cleaning machines and I may need. This becomes an important consideration at times when I must do a suicide cleanup and supply the water and electricity for the cleaning. So I need to bring my own water bottles in generator, this will be factored into the overall charge, rather than itemized. I prefer not to atomize it because it saves me time and it usually saves my clients money.

I also recommend that callers call around and talk to my Claremont suicide cleanup competitors in Syria they offer. Sometimes they may have a better cleaning approach than I offer, for example. When this occurs, it's because many have two or three cleaners for the suicide cleanup work, whereas I clean alone. Because I clean alone, I can do suicide cleanup for much less than my competitors, usually. Nevertheless, it's to a Claremont caller's benefit to make calls and see what's going on with other companies.


It's essential to know about biohazards. After all, suicide cleanup companies make a big deal out of the biohazards that their employees must face.

To start with a little history, by 1991, the United States Congress got the message from their voters. HIV and Hepatitis C were dangerous. People wanted something done to help protect them, especially workers in the medical industry. Workers were suffering from a hypodermic needle stick. They always had, but now needles carried bloodborne pathogens, germs, like HIV and Hepatitis C.

As a result, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration became the standard-bearer for educating employers and labor. More people visit Eddie Evans Claremont blood cleanup for help than in the past. People needed to know about bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions needed to protect everyone.

We need to understand the Center for Disease Control established -- biohazards for suicide cleanup tasks.

According to the CDC, biohazards consist of the following:

  • wet blood,
  • moist blood,
  • dry, flaky blood,
  • objects capable of releasing blood when compressed


The World Health Organization notes the part of four major emotional conditions during grieving:

Accepting the reality of a loss, the patient possibly feels numb the pain of grief overwhelms moving on or letting go. Even though we may expect the death of a loved one, when it comes, it still stuns and numbs loved ones. We find this remarkable experience, especially apparent when interacting with family members during suicide cleanup. Also visit this Cypress page.


It's a process, not a one-day event, we know. And we know that we all mourn a bit differently. Our approaches to mourning have social and cultural influences. We see this sometimes during suicide cleanup. Families have begun moving various pictures and religious icons into conspicuous places.

Religion takes on a prominent place because it helps to create continued interaction with the deceased.

Depression may set in after a moment or series of outrages over the loss of a loved one. Not everyone feels rage, but for some, it's inevitable. A father's loss of a close son may cause acting of deeply felt anger against the Universe or individuals. Depression may continue for months and even years in some cases. Mourning leading to an extended period of depression may end, but the depression continues as an unaccounted for a mode of being in a less meaningful world.

Added dirty house cleaning as a service for dirty and fithy houses.





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None of what follows will have interest to calls for Claremont suicide cleanup services. It's autobiographical and used for marketing purposes, testing.

Evans Enterprises offers other cleaning services like Claremont blood cleanup, biohazard clamp, homicide cleanup, feces clean up, dirty housecleaning, filthy house cleaning, and different types of cleaning. My blood cleanup services remain available in Santa Barbara and as well Ventura. However, rarely do I do filthy housecleaning outside of Orange County or Los Angeles County. I did, however, work one day at a filthy house cleanup in San Bernardino County; A hugh cleaning job, I needed to haul junk removal stuff to the local landfill. The San Bernardino landfill's road nearly broke my axle because of holes and bumps, so I gave up on this filthy house cleanup job. I would take on dirty house cleanup work only in those counties offering huge dirty house cleanup jobs. I say this because filthy house cleaning takes a lot of time and work, and I prefer not to travel for after a day cleaning a dirty house. So, I prefer to do my filthy house cleaning in nearby homes in orange county Los Angeles.

Let me explain. The cleaning Ventura County and must leave no later than 4 AM to arrive at 5:30 AM at the assigned cleaning address. There, I am without work for 2 to 3 hours because most filthy house cleaning like other types of dirty housecleaning begins at 8 AM. So, you can see, I prefer not to travel a long distance unless there's a lot of money involved. In the case that I must drive somewhere like Ventura County, I remain overnight somewhere and thereby add to my expenses.

My Claremont feces cleanup business is another matter. I can do feces cleanup in seconds on some occasions. I'm charging for the travel to feces clean up scenes. It's a disagreeable task, but worth the effort. All taken about, I prefer feces cleanup to other types of biohazard cleanup because it's so fast and pays so well. The problem is the drive. Still, I would rather drive early in the morning and semi-light traffic and return in morning traffic then to encounter substantial traffic awareness. I dislike confronting heavy traffic both ways, and it becomes hazardous besides expensive.

Copycat suicide – suicide contagion

Ernest Hemingway

On July 2, I did 61, lost many literary critics would call Hemingway one of the greatest writers of the century. We wonder how suicide to take a man with such great success on ladders. He had a zest for life and adventure, and we know from many stories written by others that he enjoyed fame, experience, and the admiration of many riders as well as readers.

He was a man of some genius and a winner of the Nobel Prize in the Pulitzer Prize. He became a soldier of fortune and an ambulance driver. Consider suicidal. He kept a home in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains and hunted in winter, and he kept an apartment in New York, he kept a specially rigged yacht for fishing off the Gulfstream. The Departments at the Ritz in Paris in a fancy apartment in Venice as well. He had a solid marriage while enjoying a fairly healthy, vigorous life share with good friends everywhere. And then oddly on a July day, this famous man of MV of other men, killed himself with a shotgun. We wonder, how could such an event occur?

As a Claremont suicide cleanup practitioner and a sometime reader of Ernest Hemingway, when I think of Ernest Hemingway and suicide by shotgun pointed at his add, I can only wonder about who cleaned up after his suicide. Did he mean for others close to him to see the aftermath of his suicide? Is this how you wanted to be remembered, by the total and extreme destruction of his own body for others to witness? A suicide cleanup involving shotgun wound to the head is one of the worst types of suicide cleanup possible for family members and friends, and it is a type of suicide cleanup and suicide practitioners like myself to read. The site cleanup following the shotgun wound requires a great deal of energy and time. This type of Claremont suicide cleanup requires searching books, crannies, and crevices furnishings like couches, loveseats, engineers, computers, record players, and electronics in general.

A suicide cleanup life at Hemingway's would have required what I call a "top to bottom, 360°" search and extract and clean and disinfect suicide removal. I once today suicide cleanup in Orange County Involving blood cleanup following a suicide victims self wounding with two high-powered weapons, a 38 revolver used to shoot himself in the stomach, and a high-powered rifle used to, finally, shoot himself in the head.

Because the suicide cleanup took place in a motel room in which the suicide victim had only checked into within the hour of his arrival, management was thoroughly shocked at such suicide. The motel manager wanted to learn all he could talk about suicide as quickly as he could because he needed to speak with the motel owners soon. Explain your suicide with these and in a knowledgeable manner, one employee as a lasting impression when done well.

I also offer incontinence cleanup. It seems that I get most incontinence cleanup calls from. I gather that there is an older generation in retirement suffering from incontinence. Incontinence cleanup does not pay as well as typical thesis cleanup, but the money is there when I needed. Some places in San Diego County require that I charge more because of the distance. It's hard to do incontinence cleanup for anything less than $350. Sometimes, the patient bed and begin to defecate well, just waking up. Shocked, they quickly make their way to the bathroom, but unfortunately, they may poop from the side of their bed upon the mattress on the floor below as they quickly walked into the bathroom. Theses may contaminate the carpet in the bedroom, and sometimes it causes color loss. In the bathroom, they may "" and lovely spray theses upon the wall, toilet, toilet seat, toilet handle, and toilet paper dispenser.
As a consequence, incontinence cleanup can take 2 to 3 hours at times. In such cases, I must charge anywhere from $30-$50 an hour more after the first hour to hour and 1/2. It's a judgment call.

Upon arrival at the Claremont address, I usually have an idea of how long it would take to do the cleaning. At the incontinence seen once at the incontinence scene, I have an idea of how long the work will take.

In the motel business, the motel's manager must tell owners and property and investment persons about the suicide cleanup and the possible costs of a suicide cleanup; meanwhile, while appearing calm, cool, and collected. Every day a Claremont motel manager makes critical decisions when finding damage to motel property. A motel manager does not understand the degree of a suicide's damage. His suicide cleanup certainly damages a good deal of Claremont motel property quickly in a costly manner. In this suicide cleanup, my fee hit the roof. It turned out to quite expensive.

In Riverside County, aa young college student became a suicide victim following his breakup with his lifelong girlfriend. As his friends related the story, which I did not ask to hear, they explained that the young student returned home from a day at the community college and went to his room. There, he used a small handgun to shoot his head. He pulled the trigger once.

Inexperienced with handguns, the suicide victim did managed to fire the weapon at his head, but as the pulled it away at the last instant. The handgun discharged, and the bulleted rhitoched, and the bullet did not enter his skull as planned. It bounced into a nearby wall. Thus, conceivably, he could have survived if someone found him soon enough. He became conscious and suffered greatly. He lingered for several hours before found. Still alive, his roommate found him suffuring. and bleeding out. The roommate, a Claremont resident between semesters, he called for help.

He called the homeowner next, the "landlord" and also a Claremont residet. I believe that he needed to explain what had happened and that a significant quantity of blood had soiled the carpet and surrounding area. Hehe told the homeowner how the suicide victim remained without help for hours, yet alive and possibly conscious off-and-on. Although his roommates were due to return to their rooms when the suicide victim returned, they remained in their college library reading and studying their Hemingway essay assignment. Only late in the day did they return to find the young, now mortally wounded suicide victim. The suicide victim's suicide reminds this writer of Sylvia Plath's suicide and how her friend dallied about before arriving before the suicide attempt.

None of the suicide victim's roommates could bare to do the suicide cleanup. Each entered the room and tried, but soon became physically weakened the sight and blood odors. None were capable of cleaning the blood from the floor as well as the splatter from a wall.

Shocked and saddened by this suicide story and filling a bit of responsibility for suicide cleanup fees, the property owner promptly drove to the suicide scene, but arrived late because of Claremont traffic congestion. Once there, at the suicide scene, he understood why the young roommates of the Claremont suicide victim were unable to clean the suicide scene. For the homeowner, the suicide scene turned his stomach, "horrific," he said.

It happened that I completed a suicide cleanup in a neighboring county. While working I received a call from the Riverside County suicide scene. The homeowner had his wife search the Internet for suicide cleanup help. Because they thought little of suicide cleanup; for their part, the students had no idea where or how to begin the blood cleanup. Because suicide as a keyword has a prominent place on the Internet, though, it took only a few minutes to reach a long list of suicide cleanup companies for Riverside County.

Soon, the wife and found pay-per-click list of suicide cleanup companies at the top of Google. She then began to call each company while taking notes. Eventually, she found her way to my Claremont suicide cleanup website and called. I affirmed that I work at suicide cleanup and could indeed clean her suicide scene this same day. She said she would call back and did. I completed the San Bernardino suicide cleanup I quickly made my way to Riverside County.

I completed the Riverside County suicide cleanup within two hours. As suicide cleanup goes, it turned out as a minor blood cleanup exercise. Waiting for my exit, the young college students stood outside the building, talking with one another and neighbors. They thanked me as I exited. And as I usually complete suicide cleanup work, I promptly emailed an invoice to the homeowner for the suicide cleanup, My suicide cleanup fee came in at $2000 less than the nearest competitor.

The students explained their relationship with the suicide victim. Of course they were shocked. They explained that just that morning they shared breakfast in their college cafeteria while talking about Hemingway's books and his "crazy suicide." Now, they reflected, their Claremont roommate and good friend followed in Hemingway's footsteps.

I, too, had read Hemingway in college, but not high school like the power students. I thought of how I, too, had become moved by this great writer's suicide. But for me, that's why shotgun wounds to the head did not carry its full meaning until later in years when I became a suicide cleanup company owner and practitioner. I would learn more about suicide cleanup and suicide by shotgun within 24 hours, that day.

The following morning, as I made preparations for the next suicide cleanup call, a call came San Diego County. The young sailor just home from a long cruise in his assigned ship at committed suicide. As usual, I gave a low bid for the job, as well as my suicide cleanup price guarantee. I knew the apartment manager of the suicide victim's apartment would call back to arrange a time for the cleaning.

Within the hour, the apartment owner called, and we agreed upon a time for the cleaning, but only after the San Diego County coroner had cleared the room for cleaning, of course. The job was put off until the following day, and I arrived at sunrise. As usual, I found the address and then made my way to eat breakfast at the local Denny's. I eat at Denny's because it remains open 24 hours, and I can eat a light breakfast cheaply. There are lingering read the daily paper or a book and find my way to the suicide sitting at the appointed time. I like this approach to suicide cleanup because I do not have to fight the morning traffic, and this policy helps me avoid also arriving and rested and ready for a day's work.

This suicide cleanup was much like the Riverside County suicide cleanup. It took about three hours because of carpet removal and concrete floor cleaning. Blood extraction, scrubbing, and rinsing took little time. Disinfection also took a short time. I had "lucked out," and so have the apartment owner. The young sailor had used a 38 caliber handgun to shoot himself in the head, and he did so successfully. Unlike so many other suicide victims who suffer from low points to the head, the suicide victim. A clean shot to the head and the wound did not fragment the victim's skull. So debris from the wound was quickly found and removed.

Suicide Causes and Motivations

Suicide and Homicide   -  Suicide Prone Personalities  -   Mental Health   -    Voices    -    

Suicide arises because of social disintegration and isolation. Nobody commits suicide because it's in their genetic makeup. Eddie Evans

Looking at overall figures for the murder-suicide, suicide, and homicide, we find these numbers account for only about 5% of suicides (by homicides' perpetrators).

We then look to suicide as self-assertion for a fantasized immortality. Many people believe in a here-after, and suicide becomes a short-cut. Rather than wait for natural death and cope with all the "slings and arrows" of life, ending it sooner leads to Nirvana or elsewhere. In fact, this sentiment leads to early Christian suicides on a wholesale level. As a result, the church found that killing yourself meant taking what God gave. Only God can give and take away; therefore, suicide became a cardinal sin. This ideological approach then came to work quite well for many catholic sects and still does.

Suicide phantasies manipulate others when played out as a con game. Tom Sawyer, for one, shows how to work this game on a community for all that it is worth. What we need to keep in mind here is that some people use these phantasies verbally for attention. Later they act out these phantasies; meanwhile, we may have grown accustomed to veiled threats for attention.


Suicide Prone Personalities

If a genetic predisposition for suicide exists, we've yet to find it. We can, however, suggest a suicide-prone personality disorder with some confidence. We know by experience that most of us endure situations causing hardship, stress, and pain. We know too that a small number of us will not endure these problems and use them as an outlet to suicide. We need to look to an extraordinarily strong, aggressive impulse toward the self for answers.

It pays to look for environmental factors instead of focusing our time on genetic and other internal causes. It's not that we're all borne as emotionally "blank tablets" with an equal biological bundle of potentiality; it's that we develop differently from different environments. An orphan in an orphanage will show many characteristics not shown by a child raised in a two-parent home. Broken homes play a much larger role, statistically speaking, then non-broken homes when suicide factors become important. Broken homes may include one-parent families, families with an absent parent for prolonged periods of time, and similar situations. Aggressive behavior by and between parents represents a "broken home" in many instances.

Proneness to suicide includes more than a history of a broken home, and a broken home does not play as a factor in all suicide-prone personalities. Usually, we look for social disorganization before or after a suicidal act. Household crisis, loss of a family member, unemployment, residential mobility, and divorce all add to a suicide-prone personality. This is to say that childhood's traumatic incidences add to a person's proneness to suicide. We can imagine how a child's lack of a secure relationship with an adult, significant other leads to an inability to create meaningful relationships with other people. Socially isolated people become more prone to suicide later in life. This is one reason why outreach programs to children of broken homes become so important for their later lives. Our prisons are full of such people who went through their early years without significant emotional bonds to mature adults.


Mental Health

Research shows that the majority of people who commit suicide do not seek mental health treatment. Whether they suffer from a gnawing suicidal pain deep within or live day-to-day with particularly stressful environmental conditions, mental health treatment would have helped sort things out, at least.




Suicide Stories