San Diego County Suicide Cleanup Narrative



My suicide cleanup business offers San Diego County residents and businesses a blood cleanup service for much less than my suicide cleanup competitors. My competitors often pay a percentage of their income to county coroner employees. Over a decade ago, county employees learned that they have a monopoly over San Diego County's suicide cleanup as well as other types of blood cleanup services.

Only a tiny number of officers profit from this type of cronyism. But, they do share in the overall suicide cleanup monopoly. No one appears to have questioned their ethics or conflict of interest. No one cared to ask what this meant for suicide victims' families. As a result of this county employee fraud against homicide and suicide victims throughout San Diego County, millions of taxpayer dollars have gone to these cronies employees in county uniforms.

I do a suicide cleanup for less than $999.00 most of the time. You need to call around for the best price, best service, and guarantees on price and work. I have over 18 years of experience doing traumatic blood cleanup for suicides, and I typically bid lower than competitors.

Call me Eddie Evans. I offer suicide cleanup services for much less than other San Diego County suicide cleanup companies. Suicide cleanup companies are also known as biohazard cleanup companies, and as crime scene cleanup companies. Suicide cleanup companies, like crime scene cleanup companies, more often than not, have crony relationships with coroner employees. Coroner employees, I learned, have a monopoly over suicide cleanup businesses because they have direct contact with suicide victims' families first, they often receive the suicide cleanup work.

Our county employees' monopoly over San Diego County's suicide cleanup goes back over 15 years and longer. Only a tiny number of county employees take part in this monopoly. It could not be otherwise.

In any case, it is not a good idea to seek a suicide cleanup company not connected to coroner employees. Never accept their recommendations because they get a kickback or own the company. Plus, it's against the law for county employees to profit from their county employment.

My Prices

What I quote below applies to local suicide cleanup work. For long drives, I ask more to cover my costs.

My prices are the lowest for suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and biohazard cleanup in general. When you call me, expect a quote for less than $1,000. You will know my fixed, guaranteed price before work begins. You will have an email with my guarantee for cost and labor.


It's essential to know about biohazards. After all, suicide cleanup companies make a big deal out of the biohazards that their employees must face.


To start with a little history, by 1991, the United States Congress got the message from their voters. HIV and Hepatitis C were dangerous. People wanted something done to help protect them, especially workers in the medical industry. Workers were suffering from a hypodermic needle stick. They always had, but now needles carried bloodborne pathogens, germs, like HIV and Hepatitis C.

As a result, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration became the standard-bearer for educating employers and labor. People needed to know about bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions needed to protect everyone.

We need to understand the Center for Disease Control established -- biohazards for suicide cleanup tasks.

According to the CDC, biohazards consist of the following:

  • wet blood,
  • moist blood,
  • dry, flaky blood,
  • objects capable of releasing blood when compressed


The World Health Organization notes the part of four major emotional conditions during grieving:

Accepting the reality of a loss, the patient possibly feels numb the pain of grief overwhelms moving on or letting go. Even though we may expect the death of a loved one, when it comes, it still stuns and numbs loved ones. We find this remarkable experience, especially apparent when interacting with family members during suicide cleanup.


It's a process, not a one-day event, we know. And we know that we all mourn a bit differently. Our approaches to mourning have social and cultural influences. We see this sometimes during suicide cleanup. Families have begun moving various pictures and religious icons into conspicuous places.

Religion takes on a prominent place because it helps to create continued interaction with the deceased.

Depression may set in after a moment or series of outrages over the loss of a loved one. Not everyone feels rage, but for some, it's inevitable. A father's loss of a close son may cause acting of deeply felt anger against the Universe or individuals. Depression may continue for months and even years in some cases. Mourning leading to an extended period of depression may end, but the depression continues as an unaccounted for a mode of being in a less meaningful world.