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Biohazard - Blood - Death - Trauma Cleanup

Consumer Alert!

My suicide cleanup business offers Orange County residents blood cleanup service for much less than my county employee competitors' companies. They basically from Newport Beach suicide victims' survivors. Over a decade ago county employees learned that they have a monopoly over Newport Beach suicide cleanup and all other cities in Orange County, California.

Officers working for the sheriff-coroner, fire department, and public guardian cashed in. No one appears to have questioned their ethics or conflict of interest. No one cared to question what this meant for suicide victims' families. As a result of this county employee fraud against homicide and suicide victims throughout Orange County, millions of tax payer dollars have gone to these thieves in uniform. I clean for less than $999.00 most of the time. You need to call around for the best price, best service, and guarantees on price and work. I have over 12 years experience doing traumatic blood cleanup.

For Newport Beach suicide cleanup services or information I am available every day, every hour. I wear my cell phone. Calls a toll-free.


Here's a county government fraud document.


Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death



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Call me Eddie Evans. I offer suicide cleanup services for much less than the Newport Beach County employee ran suicide cleanup companies. These companies are also known as biohazard cleanup companies and crime scene cleanup companies. They are all part of our county employees' monopoly over Newport Beach's death cleanup. Only a tiny number of county employees take part in this monopoly. It could not be otherwise.


In any case, it is not a good idea to use a government employee referred blood cleanup company.


My Prices


My prices are the lowest for suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and biohazard cleanup in general. When you call me, expect a quote for less than $999.00. You will know my fixed, guaranteed price before work begins. You will have an email with my guarantee for price and work.


If a government employee gives you a list of companies, or a telephone number for only one company, ignore them. Government employees receive a finders fee for every suicide victim's family sent to the death cleanup companies. Whatever amount these government monopoly suicide cleanup companies steal from you, they will take an additional 10% for to pay their finders fee bill.







It's important to know about biohazards. After all, suicide cleanup companies make a big deal out of the biohazards that their employees must face.


To start with a little history, by 1991 the United States Congress got the message from their voters. HIV and Hepatitis C were dangerous. People wanted something done to help protect them, especially workers in the medical industry. Workers were suffering from hypodermic needle stick. They always had, but now needles carried bloodborne pathogens, germs, like HIV and Hepatitis C.


As a result the Occupational Health and Safety Administration became the standard bearer for educating employers and labor. People needed to know about bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions needed to protect everyone.


What we need to understand the Center for Disease Control established -- biohazards for suicide cleanup tasks.


According to the CDC, biohazards consist of the following:


  • wet blood,st blood,
  • dry flaky blood,TOP
  • objects capable of releasing blood when compressed






The World Health Organization notes the part of four major emotional conditions during grieving:


  • accepting e reality of a loss
  • the patient possibly feels numbTOP
  • pain of grief overwhelms
  • moving on or letting go


Even though we may expect the death of a loved one, when it comes it still stuns and numbs loved ones. We find this stunning experience especially apparent when interacting with family members during suicide cleanup. Below I've written a little about massage and feeling better. Try a massage from a friend or family member. Touch is very important during moments of intense emotional loss. Massage takes us back to a quieter, more peaceful time. Relax.





It's a process, not a one day event, we know. And we know that we all mourn a bit differently. We also know that anyone that fails to mourn over the loss of a loved one has a mental illness of some sort. Our individual approaches to mourning have social and cultural influences. We see this sometimes during suicide cleanup. Families have begun moving various pictures and religious icons into conspicuous places.


Religion takes on a prominent place because it helps to create continued interaction with the deceased.


Depression may set in after a moment or series of outrages over the loss of a loved one. Not everyone feels rage, but for some it's inevitable. A father's loss of a close son may cause an acting of deeply felt rage against the Universe or individuals. Depression may continue for months and even years in some cases. Mourning leading to an extended period of depression may end, but the depression continues as an unaccounted for mode of being in a less meaningful world.




During mourning following a suicide we remember so much. Even our muscles come into play as muscle memory begins to revive. Muscles need massage, and a family in touch with massage benefits by learning new massage strokes. That's one reason why my massage web site offers massage information. To help others; this is a time for caring and soothing touch, massage. Whether you use my massage service or do it yourself (the best), my Lakewood massage pages give useful information.


Regards, Suicide Cleanup by Eddie Evans

























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